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Civil Engineering

About Department

Indian infrastructure has been given a boost through implementation of various initiatives such as building Golden Quadrilateral, increased Power plant capacity, building power grid across India and better airports. A huge demand for Civil engineers can be anticipated from the new government’s initiative to encourage infrastructure on every level, airport, navigational facilities, and safety measures. The proactive agenda of economic and governance policies, including fiscal consolidation, fast-tracking of stranded projects, and sectoral initiatives for infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and mining by the new government encourages the infrastructure development on every level.

Keeping in view this huge demand for Civil engineers, the diploma’s degree course in Civil Engineering is being offered by SSP from this year and the department will become operational from academic year 2014-15.

The department’s aim is to develop quality Civil engineers who can extend their hand to build the nation with confidence and pride.

In the present academic year, the Department of Civil engineering imparts to its first year students, the basic education regarding construction materials, methodologies and aspects of environmental sustainability in first semester.

In second semester, students will learn the Problem solving techniques and logical thinking required for skillful application of knowledge to various technological problems. Also the students inculcate the habit of technical way of thinking for solving various engineering problems through the subject Engineering Mechanics which is a basic subject knowledge required for any Civil Engineer.

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