From home video game consoles to hospital monitoring equipment, computer systems are a part of every aspect of contemporary culture. Computer scientists and engineers design, build and improve these systems, finding new applications for sophisticated technology, determine just how much information you can store on any hard drive, figure out what instruction a computer needs in order to turn on and move information around, design cables which link computers together to form networks, develop peripheral computing devices such as printers, modems, scanners and digital cameras. As a Computer Engineering student at AJCE, you’ll receive a solid background in engineering fundamentals that will allow you to adapt to newly introduced systems and methods; you’ll also have the chance to work with well-respected researchers on projects that represent the cutting edge of computer science today.

Computer Engineering is the branch of engineering which incorporates elements from both electrical engineering and computer science with an emphasis on their application in designing and developing modern computers and computer based systems. The processing powers of computers have enhanced rapidly over the past few decades and will continue to do so in the future. The professionals of Computer science engineering are not only designing and developing computers (personal computers, mobile computers and super computers) but also computer based systems that are used in virtually all modes of transport today, computer based smart appliances for house hold and industrial use and many other smart products that have become essential in our lives today.

The study of Computer Engineering, Introduces primary concepts of computer science and computational thinking, which Includes logical reasoning, problem solving, data representation and abstraction.

Staff Members

Sr. NoName of StaffDesignation
1.Prof. Prashant MakvanaI/C, HOD, Lecturer
2.Prof. Shah Himali VijaybhaiLecturer
3.Prof. Dipika D. PrajapatiLecturer
4.Prof. Patel Jimi BrijeshLecturer
5.Prof. Prajapati Jigar RLab Assistant