The modern era has witnessed a rapid development in computer technology. Each year a host of new advancements is unveiled, from home robotics to advanced operating systems, microprocessors, supercomputers, machine Learning, cloud, internet of things, networking, applications, with massive computational capabilities.

In general, a significant amount of the work in this field is conducted by computer engineers. Computer engineers to develop new software hardware to be used in a variety of engineers apply computer science methods to analyze and solve computer-oriented problems in real world.

Computer software and Internet commerce are among the fastest growing and most promising industries in the World.While firms such as Google , Apple ,Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM ,Adobe , TCS , Infosis  ,Intel, Compaq, IBM, Cisco, AOL, attract much of the attention in the IT marketplace, the IT industries touch almost all aspects of the modern economy.

Staff Members

Sr. NoName of StaffDesignation
1.Prof. Nimesh Vaidya HOD
2.Prof. Prashant MakavanaLecturer
3.Prof. Dipika PrajapatiLecturer
4.Prof. Jimi PatelLecturer
5.Prof. Kajal Sathavara Lecturer
6.Prof. Aayushi Mathur Lecturer
7.Prof. Komal Singh Lecturer
8.Prof. Maulik Mehata Lecturer
9.Prof. Riya Patel Lecturer
10.Mr. Savan VaganiLab Assistant

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