Tips On How To Construct A Grafana Panel Plugin?

Grafana will load plugins at startup but any construct modifications might be mirrored immediately (you don;t must restart). You only must restart the server when you make a brand new plugin. All of the examples use grafana/create-plugin as an alternative of @grafana/toolkit.

grafana plugin development

For extra details about panels, refer to the documentation on Panels. Signs the Grafana plugin using the most recent version of @grafana/sign-plugin. Use the CLI for important tasks of plugin development, substituting npm for pnpm, or yarn based mostly on your choice of package deal manager. We typically advocate that you just build for a model of Grafana later than v9.0. For extra details about requirements and dependencies when creating with Grafana, see the Grafana developer’s guide.

Grafana’s plugin tools offer an formally supported approach to prolong Grafana’s core performance. We have designed these instruments that can assist you to develop your plugins sooner with a modern build setup and nil further configuration required. For more, refer to the Introduction to Grafana plugin development. Module.tsx (the skeleton structure might have module.ts, its easier to change the extension to tsx)is the entry-point of the Plugin. You can change the name attribute to provide a name to your plugin.

Get Began

Grafana helps a variety of knowledge sources, including Prometheus, MySQL, and Datadog. In some instances, though, you have already got an in-house metrics answer that you’d like to add to your Grafana dashboards. This tutorial teaches you to build a new information supply plugin to question data. We developed the Grafana-Plugin for IoTDB, using the IoTDB REST service to current time sequence data and providing many visualization strategies for time series knowledge. Compared with earlier IoTDB-Grafana-Connector, present Grafana-Plugin performs extra effectively and supports extra query varieties. So, we recommend using Grafana-Plugin as an alternative of IoTDB-Grafana-Connector.

For an instance of a health examine in a frontend information source, see our datasource-http plugin. To use information from queries in your panel, you have to arrange a knowledge supply. If you do not have one out there, you should use the TestData information supply whereas growing. Grafana supports a range of option controls, corresponding to textual content inputs, switches, and radio groups. SimpleOptions is an interface that describes the choices object.

Information Manipulation Panel

TestDatasource implements a health verify in your data supply. For example, Grafana calls this technique every time the user clicks the Save & Test button, after changing the connection settings. The results from a knowledge supply question inside your panel can be found within the information property inside your panel component. In the previous step, you changed the fill color of the circle in the code. Let’s change the code so that the plugin person can configure the colour from the panel editor.

grafana plugin development

The knowledge for this page will be routinely collected from your,, and the plugin.json file with the plugin description. JavaScript or TypeScript can be used because the programming language (we selected TypeScript for our plugin). You can find blanks for hello-world plugins of any sort here. The following GitHub workflow instance can be used in your project to regulate the compatibility of your plugin and the grafana API. You can read extra about customizing and lengthening the base configuration in our documentation.

This is the ultimate working code supporting this article. I would recommend taking a look at this video for uses of options and their basics. Doing this will create a basic GraphPanel which you’ll further customise in accordance with your own wants. Relevant ones for our GraphPanel are knowledge, width, height,timeRange.

A config editor lets your customers configure your information source plugin to suit their needs. Now that you’ve defined the question model you wish to help, the following step is to bind the model to a type. The FormField is a textual content field part from grafana/ui that permits grafana plugin development you to register a listener which shall be invoked every time the form field worth changes. MySQL and PostgreSQL use SQL, while Prometheus has its personal query language, known as PromQL. No matter what query language your databases are utilizing, Grafana enables you to construct help for it.

# Add Iotdb As Information Supply

Christine Wang is a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs, where she brings the people component to technical integrations. After becoming a member of her first tech startup nearly 12 years ago, she’s labored in a variety of user-centric roles for SaaS, advert tech, developer platform, and data firms. This webinar is geared toward engineers with fundamental net growth expertise who wish to lengthen their monitoring expertise with customized visualizations.

Refer right here and register also the place are your plugins situated. Plugins of different sorts (datasource, panel) and various dashboards can be used as dependencies. Marcus Olsson has been building knowledge infrastructure and cloud native functions for the previous 9 years. He’s an experienced public speaker and educator on software structure and development practices. Today, he’s a Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs, where he helps professionals turn out to be higher at understanding and monitoring software methods. Visit the Grafana developer portal for tools and sources for extending Grafana with plugins.

grafana plugin development

After discovering your plugin, Grafana loads the module.js file, the entrypoint in your plugin. Module.js exposes the implementation of your plugin, which is dependent upon the kind of plugin you’re building. Welcome to the world of Grafana plugin creation, where you can enhance Grafana’s foundational features. In this information, you may learn how to get started by scaffolding a plugin, working it in an efficient growth setting, and using its basic features.


For extra info on authenticating exterior requests, refer to Add authentication for information supply plugins. The majority of information sources in Grafana will return information from an external API. This tutorial tries to maintain issues easy and doesn’t require an additional service. To see how this might be achieved, use the datasource-http pattern. The choices object accommodates the queries, or targets, that the user made, together with context data, like the present time interval.

The Grafana create-plugin software is a CLI utility that simplifies Grafana plugin improvement, so as to concentrate on code. The device scaffolds a starter plugin, all of the required configuration, and a growth setting using Docker Compose for you. The time-series data is saved within the fields array of item.

First you must add an attribute inside GraphPanelOptions interface. You can create a folder for storing plugins anywhere in your system. You have to add the trail of the folder within the Grafana configuration file. Grafana masses up all of the plugins you have stored on startup. You might need to sign your customized plugin in the grafana configuration file.

  • Grafana’s plugin instruments offer an officially supported way to lengthen Grafana’s core functionality.
  • Click Save & Test, and Data supply is working will appear.
  • Christine Wang is a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs, where she brings the folks factor to technical integrations.
  • A config editor lets your users configure your knowledge source plugin to fit their wants.
  • SimpleOptions is an interface that describes the options object.
  • You must move the props correctly to Graph.Here is the definition of type of props defined in @grafana-ui for Graph component.

The first step in designing your question editor is to define its question mannequin. The question mannequin defines the user input to your information supply. Let’s see how to create and return a data frame from the question technique.

There shall be multiple time-series which can come as completely different lines plotted on the identical graph in your knowledge attribute depending in your backend. Width, and height include the precise width and height of the area allotted to your panel when it is rendered on Grafana. Data.sequence contains the sequence returned from a knowledge supply question. Each series is represented as an information construction called information frame. A data frame resembles a desk, where knowledge is stored by columns, or fields, instead of rows. Every worth in a field share the identical data kind, corresponding to string, number, or time.

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